Roomba Shenanigans

Just when we think the office Roomba has finally learned to do his job, he always seems to find a new way to mess up. The other day, he surpassed all expectations and went from incompetent to cunning.

We arrived to find the office wifi turned off; my coworker soon discovered that her mac charger was missing too. Of course, our first suspect was the Roomba – however, he was cleared of all charges when we searched him for evidence, and found no incriminating charger cables in his insides. The next hypothesis was that somebody must have come to borrow the charger, in the process of taking it accidentally switched the wifi off, and then forgotten to return it.

However, nobody would admit to the charger theft. As the situation was growing dire, and my co-workers poor mac was slowly nearing death, we ended up searching the entire office.

Not only had the Roomba managed to pull out the charger and turn off the wifi; he had dragged the charger to the opposite end of the room, and out of sight behind a large rack, hidden the evidence of his crime. After dropping the charger in the most out of place spot, he returned home to his nest (a feat he manages about 20% of the time, most days we find him stranded in the middle of the floor after eating something bad, or jammed under a shelf that’s aaalmost tall enough for him). Bad robot.

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